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CO-OP is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities to become valued members of their communities. Our services are person-centered, embracing the vision, interests and support needs of each person.

About CO-OP

Established in 1972, CO-OP has undergone many changes – most notably the growth and development of wide-ranging new programs and services to address the needs of local citizens with disabilities. Throughout all of these changes, we have relied on the support of our many local partners and resources to help fulfill the agency’s goal of full community inclusion for all of us.

Today, CO-OP serves adults and transition-age students through a diverse menu of programs and clinical services, including residential and employment supports and a variety of day program activities. All of our services build upon individual strengths, interests, and cultural experiences – and enhance skills that help promote community participation.

Our funding partners include the Massachusetts Division of Medical Assistance (DMA), the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS), the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, local schools systems, and other state agencies. Private party reimbursement is also an option. Most referrals are coordinated through these organizations but direct inquiries are also encouraged.

CARF Accredited

Residential Services

Residents enjoy a comfortable, secure home life and are provided creative opportunities to fully participate in their respective communities.

Health Care Services

Skilled and caring healthcare professionals oversee a wide array of health and wellness services allowing many to attend CO-OP's day programs who would otherwise have remained at home due to health restrictions.

Brain Injury Services

CO-OP's brain injury services include residential and day supports and job placement assistance.

Day Services

CO-OP's community day programs offer services for people with diverse interests and support needs with a focus on community participation.

Clinical and Support Services

A variety of clinical services such as speech--including acquiring communications devices--occupational, and physical therapies are available to help individuals participate in their communities.

Employment Services

CO-OP's job placement services creatively provide opportunities that draw upon individual strengths and interests and accommodate on-the-job support needs.

Blended Services

For many people, blending an array of different service options is the best approach for creating their own customized service plan. CO-OP has the flexibility and resources to accommodate goals and interests.

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