Joyce Faria

President & CEO’s Message

May 6, 2020

Dear Friends, Individuals Supported, Staff, and Colleagues:

The last two months have felt like an eternity and left us shell-shocked, wondering where did life as we know it go? There are questions that we have no answers for and many of us feel anxious and frustrated as we confront a future filled with so many unknowns. As we move through this difficult and uncertain time together, I have one simple message to all of you: Thank you.

Thank you for your caring, your patience, your perseverance, and your generosity. Thank you for coming together beyond expectations.

To CO-OP staff, thank you for your commitment and the incredible work you do, particularly those of you on the frontline providing essential services to the individuals we support, who need you now more than ever. Please know that we are working 24/7 to try to support you -- first and foremost to implement precautionary measures that keep everyone safe and healthy. Secondly, as we navigate through the ever-changing environment of governmental initiatives, our goal is to capitalize on any and all initiatives that could benefit you, our dedicated and amazing workforce.

To the people we support, thank you for being patient and for entrusting us to make decisions that have impacted your daily lives. We know that your lives are very different right now and that your enjoyment of many activities – including spending time with your families and friends – has been put on hold. We understand that this has been difficult for you and your families. But please know that your safety and well-being is and will always be what drives us.

Also, to all our families, guardians, and friends:  Your messages of support, unexpected gifts, and offers of assistance are things for which we will be forever grateful. It reminds us that our community is strong and resourceful.

In addition to the heartfelt message of thank you, I want to share a second message with you: We WILL get through this. Although the days ahead will be challenging and we all may need to adapt to a world that looks and feels differently for a period of time, we will move forward together, each of us doing our part, and come through even stronger.

With pride and immeasurable appreciation,

Joyce Faria
President & Chief Executive Officer